We offer servicing and maintenance to a wide range of engineering products and equipment

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Heavy Machinery

Our strong point includes servicing and maintenance of heavy machinery, trucks, trailers etc. 

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With constantly changing technical advances, we offer mechanical services including sales and maintenance of related fields

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Fluid Services

Some of our major experience include catering to oil, food, cement and other industries servicing pipes, fittings, flanges, hose, couplings etc.

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Pumps and Valves

We offer sales, servicing and maintenance of major brands of pumps and valves. We even provide  

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General Maintenance

We provide general servicing and maintenance for all major mechanical, electrical and other miscellaneous equipments  

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Fire and Safety

One of our division involves the trading of major fire and safety equipment. We also deal in HSE items need in the oil and gas, chemical, food and other industries

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